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Carpet vs. LVT


In this post you’ll read about some of the pros and cons of carpet and LVT, or luxury vinyl tile, flooring. The goal here is to present you with the facts so you can make the best decision for you.

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A Beginner’s Guide
to LVT Flooring


Luxury vinyl tile is mainly made of PVC vinyl, which is both stable and flexible, making it great for flooring. It also has a clear, protective top layer to keep the wear and tear from ever reaching the printed design, meaning your floors will last longer looking like new.

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9 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Flooring Installer


Purchasing new flooring is a big investment. Therefore, when selecting a dealer and installer, it’s essential to ask lots of questions up front to make sure you receive the right type of flooring for your home and lifestyle and to avoid any potential issues with your warranty in the future.

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7 Steps to Maintain Your Hardwood Floors


Floors can really take a beating—from daily foot traffic to inevitable spills and accidents. However, hardwood flooring is timeless. As such, it can be kept looking new no matter how much wear and tear it endures, as long as you take a few simple steps to maintain it and prevent damage from occurring.

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